Exited to host this amazing retreat starting tomorrow :D

In this 100hr Yin Yoga Eastern Training, we will explore in length the energetic physiology and anatomy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through an Eastern perspective, you'll find how our emotions are constantly intertwined with our external and internal health. From thousands of years ago, the Chinese started to explore various ways to increase vitality. Along the way, they discovered that optimal health can only be achieved through equanimity of the physical, energetic and spiritual self.

Based on the ideology of Taoism, adopting the basic phenomenon of observing nature’s order, Yin Yoga is a gateway to enhancing a person's overall well-being by removing tension in the body and mind. In today's fast paced world, Yin Yoga is increasingly in demand as more people are suffering from stress and physical ailments. This is also a sustaining self-practice that you can do regardless of age, agility and other conditions. For those who have a high intensity yoga practice or sports training, Yin Yoga is a perfect complimentary to alleviate physical pain and mental stress.